New Season, New Blog!

With the new year (ok, it’s almost a third of the way into the year and the season is about to change), it feels like time to refresh this blog!   Along with house cleaning and reorganizing, it’s time to get back into blogging.  I’ve got so many life changes in the last year and coming up, I feel inspired to get writing again, taking photos again, and I’ve made a resolution to make time for some hobbies.  I hope you’ll join me in sharing a love for crafts, cooking, photography, and gardening – and share what your passions are too!




  1. Observer says:

    Hello, my sad lonely search through the internets for anything on what became of my old favorite webcomic, “Medusa Blues” brought me to the writer’s (dat would be you) newly revamped blog.

    Is there any chance of Medusa Blues being archived somewhere online again?? It would be free to host it on a site like Deviantart (where Lorelai already has an abandoned page [She probably forgot her password as she so often does… ])

    I have no way to see my old favorite otherwise as I didn’t save a copy having never seen a webcomic I liked suddenly disappear like that finished or no.

    Sorry for bothering you on this blog which is all about new beginnings with a blast from the past.

    1. dorisaurus says:

      Hi! At the moment we don’t have it archived and we didn’t have plans to do so – we’ll think about it for the future though. It means quite a lot to have someone remember our work – thank you! 🙂

      1. Observer says:

        Of course I remember it, you and the Soggy Potato (how did she get that nick name? I can’t remember anymore if I ever knew. LOL).
        *searches internet for what remains of precious comic*
        OK, I guess I have scrounged up enough material to eventually finish my fan-art. Though I need to redo her clothes (they look to cartoony) and another look at her amulet would have been nice. Work is going nuts right now so it will be awhile before I finish it.
        Its no where near finished but I wonder if you can guess which one of Maddies abilities inspired it? (imagine it dripping with water as it will be eventually I hope)

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