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Hi there!


Welcome to my blog! I love to cook, sew, craft, take photos and garden. And my kitty, of course. Thanks for stopping by to read my musings on these hobbies - hope you'll share some of yours too!

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  • L vs L. I mean, I just look up and there's @elellamb , being L.  She didn't even know she was doing it. #deathnote
  • If this doesn't prove my love for my husband, I don't know what else does.  Why else would I grow bitter melon?! *shudder* #hundredsquarefootgarden #urbangardening #bittermelon
  • After 37 years I've finally dared to wear white jeans and tried to tuck in my shirt.  I've always needed a style guide to show me how to properly do that...not much I can do about the frizzy mom hair tho! #sketchbook #bujo #artjournal
  • we have like 15 rice bowls but for some reason we're always out of clean ones. (also spoons)

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