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Hi there!


Welcome to my blog! I love to cook, sew, craft, take photos and garden. And my kitty, of course. Thanks for stopping by to read my musings on these hobbies - hope you'll share some of yours too!

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  • Treasure hunt at work - uncovering a lock of hair and a message hidden for 187 years!
  • mischief managed. sour cream coffee cake experiment made with coffee flour.  definitely needs some more oomph to the flavor. however, excellent texture. i added sour cherries but next time i need to add twice as many!
  • Now I can either clean up the war zone that is our house, shower, and be a responsible adult.  Or I can do some therapy baking.  I think we all know how this is going to end.
  • catching up from last week, I tried one of those recipes from a Facebook video.  Looks great!  Would tweak the ricotta filling for next time.

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