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Hi there!


Welcome to my blog! I love to cook, sew, craft, take photos and garden. And my kitty, of course. Thanks for stopping by to read my musings on these hobbies - hope you'll share some of yours too!

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  • i mean, who doesn't enjoy doing this?
  • Finally, a harvest!  We planted so late in the year that we're still waiting on so many things.  But can you believe the pepper plant survived the winter? And the cucumbers are going! Jimmy Nardello pepper and the mystery cuke is a West Indian Gherhkin! #urbangardening #westindiangherkin #jimmynardello #hundredsquarefootgarden #harvest #garden
  • Happy 45 years, Mom and Dad! seriously, #relationshipgoals
  • can any #gardeners out there tell me what kind of #cucumber this might be? the plant was advertised as a cucamelon but it is obviously not that...thanks!

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