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Hi there!


Welcome to my blog! I love to cook, sew, craft, take photos and garden. And my kitty, of course. Thanks for stopping by to read my musings on these hobbies - hope you'll share some of yours too!

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  • Good news, everyone! Back to work consolation prize, I made myself a #futurama themed coffee cup to brighten the mornings.  I have to say, I feel highly amused and ridiculously pleased with myself. #silhouettecameo #diy
  • Had fun stenciling and personalizing this apron for a 4 year old budding chef!  The purchased apron was a bit unrelentingly pink (I have no problem with pink but it was a bit much). I added her name using a freezer paper stencil, and appliquéd a cupcake pocket.  #silhouettecameo #diygift
  • What an inspirational view for the walk in to work this morning!
  • This is the longest I've been away from him since he was born.  The end of maternity leave...I miss this guy so much.

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